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All About My Family

Family is a very important and valuable thing for me than anything else. With my family I can find eternal love. Without a family we can not do anything extraordinary. The family that supports me to move forward. Family is everything to me. My family consists of only four people, my father, mother, and sister. I really love them. I will tell you about my family.

My name is Evan Fauzi Pranendra. I was 18 years old, born on November 18, 1999. I was the first child in my family. I like to play football and play games. I really love my family. Sometimes I am naughty and scolded by my parents but I always love them. I love my family so much.

My father is Mahmud Fauzi. My father is 49 years old, born in 1968. My father is a very firm and fierce person. Although fierce but he is good. He cares and is responsible to the family. My dad's job is civil servants in elementary school. He is not a teacher but only an employee. He always invites us to go on holiday at the weekend. According to him, our happiness is happiness as well.

My mother was Widyowati Eva Sapta Ranguni. My mother is 41 years old, born in 1976. My mother is just a housewife. She is a very nice woman and caring for her children. My mother was also fierce but it was for the good to educate my sister and me to be a good boy. My mother is also good at cooking. Any cooking always tastes very good like a restaurant cuisine. I love my mom so much that I can be a good boy.

My sister named Reva Yumna Mafaza. She is 11 years old, born on January 7, 2007. She's the second child in my family. She's a smart and diligent kid learning not like me. She attended Elementary School of Kraton 3 Tegal. She is now in the 5th grade. She always earns the 1st rank since grade 1 until now. She's a spoiled and pretty girl. I love her very much even though she likes to fuss and make me angry.

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